Is the death penalty just? YES

Don’t kill capital punishment.

The death penalty is the only method available to ensure that violent criminals will not strike again. Some criminals orchestrate such horrendous crimes that putting them to death is the only solution that makes sense.

There is no reason to put a serial killer, a rapist or a child molester in jail for life. That would be too expensive. It cost California $32,000 a year to keep a felon in prison. That’s taxpayer money being wasted to keep an individual alive who will never be able to successfully re-enter society.

They will forever be a threat to public safety. Felons who are on death row usually wait a decade before they face execution. It’s ridiculous that so much money is spent on people who contribute nothing to society.

Think about it, should people like Richard Ramirez or Charles Manson be released from prison? No, that’s too much of a risk and to keep them alive is too expensive. I would prefer that my tax dollars be used for education instead.

For anyone who argues that executions are cruel and unusual punishment, they are completely wrong. In fact, executions such as the lethal injection are a peaceful way for anyone to die. The subject is injected, slowly falls asleep and never wakes up. That isn’t cruel or unusual.

Remember that sick maniac, the infamous Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh? Yeah, the same guy who blew up half a building killing 168 people including children as young as one year old.

That psychopath was sentenced to death and executed via lethal injection. He was put to sleep for blowing up people. That, in my mind was not cruel, but fair, because someone like McVeigh isn’t capable of re-entering society.

For the families of victims of violent crimes, there can be no better peace of mind than to know that the perpetrator is never going to attack again. There is a sense of security that comes with knowing that a violent criminal has been executed.

Without a doubt that every person deserves a second chance, but when someone commits a crime that destroys an innocent person’s life then they deserve no mercy.

In fact, I’m tired of watching the 10 o’clock news and seeing that a stray bullet killed a 10 year-old kid. Criminals like that don’t deserve a second chance. It’s wrong when a family who has lost a loved one to crime finds out that the person responsible for what happened will be up for parole. There are dangerous criminals who are only serving half of their sentence and being released.

When these ex-convicts break the law again and the victims realize that it’s not the first time they are arrested for the same reason, there is an immediate public outcry. It’s estimated that ex-convicts who have been previously arrested for committing acts of violence commit more than 20 percent of violent crimes.

This means that someone who commits a murder has a higher probability of returning to jail for the same reason. Since it’s too dangerous to release them into society and very expensive to keep them in jail forever, executing them is the most reasonable solution. In cases of murder, rape or child molestation, the criminal should be executed without hesitation. I’m willing to bet that these criminals didn’t stop to think about how their actions would destroy lives.

So we as a society should sympathize with the victims of violent crimes and not the criminals. In order to ensure public safety and save valuable taxpayer money, capital punishment shouldn’t be eliminated.