Pro: Should there be a guaranteed transfer program?

Most high school students envision themselves attending their dream college-the place that seems to guarantee happiness for the years following high school.

Now with the Guaranteed Transfer Program, high school graduates will not only aspire, but they can actually attend the college of their choice.

The program, which various UCs have already made available to high school seniors, will allow students to attend the highly acclaimed universities.

The program stipulates that high school graduates attend a community college for two years in order for them to attend a UC.

Furthermore, there are a number of prerequisites UC candidates must first fulfill in order to transfer.

Among these requirements is a submission of a declaration of intent before a candidate’s third semester, complete a specified number of requirements and maintain a minimum GPA of 2.0.

The program is a great opportunity for students who aspire to attend a UC, but are unable to, due to the growing demand of highly qualified applicants who submit their applications every year.

Also,community colleges allow students to become familiar with the college life at a slower pace when compared to universities.

Moreover, students will receive essentially the same general education, and take various classes in different career fields for a lower price. Therefore, students are able to adapt better to this new stage in their lives.