Con: Should there be a guaranteed transfer program?

Statewide budget cuts have already affected the lives of many California students.

Currently, UCs have implemented a transfer program that guarantees admission to students who are eligible but were originally denied by the university of their choice.

Although the program allows a second opportunity for students who desire to attend a UC, it is not as beneficial as it seems.

The program demands students to fulfill certain prerequisites ranging from a minimum 2.0 GPA to a declaration of intent before their third semester.

This declaration of intent binds applicants to a contract that by their fourth semester they might not be willing to follow through.

Furthermore, although it guarantees admission to a UC, it is not neccessarily the UC the candidate initially applied for.

Also, community college students will suffer the consequences of an influx of students.

Current community college students must compete with already eligible candidates for a place into the rigorous UC system.

Although UC admissions are only being reduced by 7 percent, which is approximately 7,500 eligible applicants, this adds pressure to the already restricted community colleges’ budget.

The UC Guaranteed Transfer Program is a meek and temporary solution to a problem that seems to grow with each graduating high school class.