Pro: One crime or two crimes for a pregnant woman?

A violent crime committed against a person is wrong, but committing a violent crime against a pregnant woman is even worse, and should be considered two crimes because two lives were at risk.

The proposed law is officially known as “Unborn Victims of Violence Act.

The measure Laci’s and Conner’s Law, named after Laci Peterson and her unborn son who were murdered eight months into her pregnancy.

Peterson’s immediate family, mainly her mother, lobbyed to push congress to pass the law.

Laci’s and Conner’s Law helps protect a fetus after it is passed the “embryonic stage” of seven to eight weeks.

This law will help prevent women from becoming victims of domestic violence and other violent crimes because penalties will be stricter.

Violent crimes against pregnant women can cause miscarriages or other health problems to not only the woman, but her unborn child. Therefore, it is only right perpetrators suffer the most severe punishment.

Laci’s and Conner’s Law will help victims feel safe and protected when their perpertrators serve time for the crimes they committed against them and their unborn child.

Although a perpetrator may not even know a woman is pregnant, the crime should not have been committed in the first place.

Laci’s and Conner’s Law should be strongly enforced.

There are two victims so two penalties or two sentences should be given.