Con: One crime or two crimes for a pregnant woman?

Committing a crime against a person is a horrible thing, and a crime that is committed against a pregnant woman is considered a horrendous act of violence, yet it is still just a crime.

Laci’s and Conner’s Law, which was signed by President Bush on April 1, is a law that makes it a federal offense to hurt a fetus when committing a violent crime against a pregnant woman.

So, instead of the person who committed a crime receiving one count for the crime they will receive two counts. Twenty eight other states already have fetal homicide laws.

Supporters say the law is something that will bring justice to the fetus and the woman, but this law won’t give justice at all. Also, critics of the law say it will weaken abortion rights because it gives a fetus legal stature.

Another problem with the law is some criminals may not know they have committed a crime against a pregnant women.

The law just adds to the sentencing to the murderer’s time in prison.

Instead of a criminal getting life in prison, he or she would receive double that.

The person would already be in prison for the rest of his or her life for killing the woman.

The law is something that may be important for the victims’ families and bringing justice to the victims, but it doesn’t change the fact that the person committing the crime will still pay for what he or she has done.