Con: Should cell phone in automobiles be limited?

In a feeble attempt to make our roads safer, a new law proposed in Sacramento would ban cell phone use for drivers under 18, paving the way for even more restrictions on personal behavior.

The bill, SB 1852, by State Sen. Debra Bowen D- Redondo Beach singles out people who are unable to vote, thus eliminating any opportunity on their part to affect the fate of such legislation.

Instead of generalizing the driving skills of minors, the state should allow the parents to form their own policies regarding the issue and tailor it to their own child’s mannerisms.

Although people cannot seem to come to a consensus on the safety aspects of cell phones, most would agree that hands-free technology provides the ideal solution.

Unfortunately, the masterminds of the current legislation seem to disagree. The current bill would make illegal any communication on a celluar phone regardless of how safe the new technology may be.

These intrusive regulations must stop. Talking to someone via hands-free technology is no more dangerous than talking to someone in the passenger seat. It’s not like we try to ban passengers in cars.

What about a law preventing beautiful women from walking 250 feet away from the curb? Perhaps we could eliminate cup holders from cars.

The proposed bill is ridiculous and another drive on the road toward banning cell phones for adults is, too.