Pro: Should educational programs and sports be coed?

Coed sports and educational programs allow men and women to interact together.

The most common scenario is to see men and women playing sports separately. The idea of coed sports and education has its ups and downs.

One argument is the dangers of men and women playing together. Men are physically stronger than women, but that isn’t reason enough to prohibit women from playing alongside men.

Women have the right to say if they are capable of playing sports with men. If a woman feels capable of enduring the same physical agility as a man, then she should be able to do so.

If women want to advance or to prove that they can compete at the same level as men in the classroom or on the playing field, then they should be granted the chance to show what they have to offer. Otherwise, the stereotypes that have followed women of not being as strong, as smart or as capable as men will never go away.

Besides opening opportunities for women, coed sports and educational programs can also serve as a personal and academic achievement.

Both women and men have a chance to gain social skills, personal enrichment and experience a different environment.

Women have fought long and hard to achieve equality with men. Prohibiting coed sports and educational programs puts a strain in the effort of equality for women.

Women have the right and power to make their own choices. If a woman chooses to participate in a coed sport, then let it be.