Con: Should educational programs and sports be coed?

Although all-female schools still prosper and are defended by the academic elite, the all-male college has become close to extinct, while same-sex sports are getting closer to being integrated as well.

Not all same-sex education and sports are for everyone, but if our educational system and sports is to be for all, then same-sex education and sports teams should be an option for everyone.

The need for same-sex education and sports is based on the fact that there are differences between men and women.

For years, feminists have argued that women learn differently than men. By that argument men, too, have their own distinctive patterns of development.

It is apparent that both sexes have similar and different problems while attending school or playing sports, but concern about one sex does not preclude concern for the other.

Separation also creates special bonds between members of the same-sex. This is important in today’s society, as males are often not encouraged to express their feelings.

An all-male education allows for honesty and lets males be themselves without having to worry about impressing the opposite sex.

This competitive environment lays the foundation for teamwork and male bonding, proving separation in the educational market and sports should be encouraged not discouraged.