Pro: Should homosexuals be given the right to marry?

“I do” is something said between two people who are committing their lives to one another in marriage. Many people go to weddings to see a couple in love join together in holy matrimony, so it’s hard to understand why some think it’s wrong to see gay couples marry.

San Francisco mayor Gavin Newsom allowed homosexual couples to wed soon after he entered office. Since then, more than 3,000 same-sex marriages have been performed. However, many people in this country still believe it is wrong.

President George Bush has expressed his desire to add to the U.S. Constitution an amendment banning same-sex marriages.

This just doesn’t make sense. Why is it OK for men and women who are in love to get married? Probably because it is OK in the eyes of the law, but once a homosexual couple wants to do the same, it is considered shameful and immoral.

For years homosexual have been kissing or having relationships on television, but when it hits reality, and they want to take it a step further by getting married, suddenly it is not allowed.

Love is something that should be celebrated by everyone because it is such a beautiful thing to find that special someone in life. Homosexuals deserve to have the same rights which are given to heterosexuals because we are all created equal.

So, it should not be wrong for a gay or a lesbian couple to get married. It should be something that is celebrated, not something that should be banned and frowned upon.