Pro: Should we get rid of winter sessions for all time?

Santa Claus is out again, bells are ringing and winter session should be in hibernation.

Winter session should be canceled. It was really difficult to get classes during this fall semester and the semester before that was just as bad.

The winter session is so short that having it would be pointless. The session is a break for teachers.

Students don’t have time to waste with walking for class to class hoping a teacher will be nice enough to allow an add.

There isn’t enough time during winter semester to really learn anything; teachers have to cram so much information into such a short period of time.

Having classes that are so large alo takes away from the one on one questions and answers.

Teachers don’t have time to really stop and explain certain concepts that students have questions on.

Not having a winter class session means that students will have more time to relax, work or whatever.

A lot of students work while attending school and having more time off will allow students to make extra money to help get by during the spring and fall semesters.

There is no point in having a Winter session when the classes they offer are not even worth going to.

Winter session doesn’t help students, it harms and takes away the time that students need.