Pro: Is it better to drop the class than get a bad grade?

The last day to drop is Monday making many students debate whether or not to drop a class.

Students find themselves faced with taking the challenge of staying in the class or dropping it.

A student whose academic record shows they haven’t done well these first 12 weeks is likely to remain on the same path therefore they should drop the class..

There are a few students who find that a particular class is more difficult than they expected and rather than have this class affect their GPA, they drop with a “W.”

Many are striving to keep the GPA requirement by the university of their choice. Most require around a 2.8 to 3.0 or higher in order for a student to be accepted.

Because of this, many students would rather receive a “W” instead of an “F” on their transcript.

If a student is failing in a particular course because they didn’t drop the class, their GPA will be affected.

And when the time comes to apply to UC or CSU and their GPA doesn’t qualify them as a candidate, they’ll think of the class that they should have dropped.

Perhaps they repeat the course and receive an “A.” If so, this raises the grade, but it doesn’t mean the initial grade is deleted; both grades received for the course are averaged into a final grade.

Had the student dropped the class with a “W,” the grade they’d receive the second time around would remain that grade, rather than an average.

Student needs to realize that if he or she hasn’t been working hard from the beginning, then the best thing to do is drop the class and receive a “W.”