Con: Are chivalry, valor and gallantry dead in this society?

When doors are opened and closed, meals are ordered and dates are paid for, these are the qualities of a man who is chivalrous.

Chivalry means courtesy, loyalty, politeness and good manners.

Every day, it’s being practiced; it is not dead yet. Men open our doors, even when they are not asked.

On some occasions, they will even order our meals for us.

This may not seem important or a major quality we look for in the opposite sex, but it does help us with our first impressions.

First impressions are the lasting ones, if someone holds the door open once we begin to expect it.

When the door is no longer held open, we become aggravated or overwhelmed with frustration. Perhaps that is the reason sometimes the door isn’t held for us.

Many believe that chivalry is dead. However, as we walk into buildings, stores and classes we notice people just being polite to one another.

Whether we know it our not, this is chivalry. Saying “Thank you” after someone holds a door open is also chivalry.

It surrounds us. It has become part or our everyday life, and it is going to be hard to get away from.

If someone has just given you a taste of chivalry, be courteous to not let it die.