Should we bring our troops home from Iraq? (Con)

The United States’ role in Iraq is that of a big brother. Our mission is to get rid of the evil in that country and establish peace and democracy. According to President Bush, Saddam Hussein poses the greatest threat. His weapons of mass destruction and the threat he is to humankind are reason enough to put a stop to his regime; our only option is to move into Iraq to take care of business.

Any country that is involved with something that can harm others or put them in danger should expect interference by those who want to protect the well-being of the world.

There were many casualties from both sides of the war, but remember that peace comes with a price.

Democracy needs to be established in Iraq so that the Iraqi people can govern themselves in a manner that is free. However, this is going to take time to accomplish. It won’t happen overnight. It wouldn’t be fair to leave Iraq with things half done.

The U.S.’s goal is to make Iraq a livable place for its people.

The United States has taken initiative to help those in Iraq by liberating. Instead of being constantly criticized by others who aren’t willing to do anything about the situation, we should be left to do our duty as a democratic and peaceful nation and stay in Iraq for as long as it takes.