Frisky Business: Dive into the sensual world of South Bay’s premier lingerie, adult stores


A rack of hanging lingerie of various styles and colors inside the adult store Lovers Paradise on May 11. The small store is recently under new management. (Delfino Camacho | The Union)

Sex. It’s a part of life.

Whether you can discuss intercourse with a straight face or if you giggle whenever discussing the deed it is an undeniable aspect of human existence.

On the surface, we appear to be living in an age of newfound sexual enlightenment. Concepts of gender and sexuality, including the inclusion of people who don’t participate in sex such as asexuals, are becoming more mainstream and accepted.

To some, looking at the advent of things like hook-up culture and one-night-stands it might seem like we have become too comfortable with the act.

However, according to findings reported by Scientific American, “Between 2009 and 2018, the proportion of adolescents reporting no sexual activity, either alone or with partners, rose from 28.8% to 44.2% among young men and from 49.5% in 2009 to 74% among young women.”

Even in the age of information, many people remain confused or uninformed about many aspects of their own sexuality.

Enter neighborhood lingerie and adult shops.

Gone are the days of dimly lit stores and hushed whispers. Instead, these shops exude vibrancy and inclusivity, celebrating personal expression and empowerment.

Some of these establishments go above and beyond to offer a welcoming haven where individuals can explore and learn about a topic too often seen as taboo.

Come along with The Union as we take a walk on the wild side and explore six of the best lingerie and adult stores in the South Bay.

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