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El Camino students spring into dance with upcoming performance

El Camino College’s advanced dance team coordinates its dance routine on April 4, 2024 in Room 230. (Joseph Ramirez | The Union)

As one approaches the PE South Building, a rhythm suddenly catches the body.

Feet start to tap, fingers move back and forth and the head begins to sway to the sound of pop music blasting from Room 230.

In the dance classroom, students can be seen dripping sweat as their adrenaline drives them to the beat.

These are the same students who have been preparing for the upcoming Advanced Dance Concert since the beginning of the semester.

“Expect a lot of surprises; we have a lot of student choreographers who have very creative ideas. Different flavor and different movements,” assistant professor of dance and director Jonathan Bryant said.

The concert in May will consist of various genres of dance, including contemporary, hip-hop, jazz, modern, lyrical and abstract.

Assistant professor of dance and director Elizabeth Adamis said her students start developing choreography in the choreographer class, then build off of it and put it together for the performance.

“It’s a process, eight weeks of learning and putting it all together, but it’s coming along well and they’re doing a great job,” Adamis said.

Dance professor Elizabeth Adamis (left) teaches students step-by-step dance moves on April 4, 2024, in Room 230 at El Camino College. (Joseph Ramirez | The Union)

Adamis said there will be many dances and two guest appearances.

“You will see a very fun show,” she said. “Our team has been working hard on this piece with the help of Keith Johnson and Rebecca Lemme from Cal State Long Beach.”

Johnson and Lemme came to campus earlier this semester for a dance show featuring their dance companies, Keith Johnson/Dancers and Acts of Matter.

“There will be two faculty choreographic pieces and the rest will be from the students. All the students with dance pieces are in the dance classes here,” Bryant said.

Mia Vargas, a dance major, said she is very blessed to be a part of this.

“This is my second semester in the program [and] I’m excited for my piece to be in the show. I have a three-minute piece and can’t wait to display it at the show,” she said.

Students have spent several hours preparing for the concert and will get to showcase what they learned at the Marsee Auditorium on May 3 and 4 at 8 p.m. and May 5 at 3 p.m.

Tickets are $15 for general admission and $10 with a valid student ID, available for purchase on the Center for the Arts website or by calling 310-660-3406.

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