Women’s soccer team takes a win against Compton College


EC Warriors forward, Robin Riggs (No. 3), fights to free herself from two Harbor players, during the EC Warriors vs Harbor College Seahawks women’s soccer match held at Harbor College Tuesday, Oct. 30. Photo credit: Darwyn Samayoa

The EC women’s soccer team faced Compton College for the second time of the season, and, after an eight-game losing streak, they took a 5-0 win at home on Friday, Nov. 2.

Throughout the entire game, Compton College was short-handed on players, with only 10 girls available.

Through the first half EC scored twice, once by forward, Robin Riggs (No. 3) and the second goal from Rosy Soriano (No. 16) who scored her first goal of the season, which helped them end the first half with a 2-0 lead.

In the second half, EC scored three more times, once by midfielder Blanca Gomez (No. 20) making it her first goal of the season, and the last two goals by Riggs.

All five goals were assisted by forward, Nalleli Mendoza (No. 11).

“A win and a shutout,” EC head coach John Britton said. “An important result for us. It was a good team effort with everybody on the squad getting valuable playing time before Tuesday’s game against No.1 ranked Cerritos.”

The Warriors are 5-12-1 overall and will play their next game at Cerritos College on Tuesday, Nov. 6, at 1 p.m.