Men’s soccer team ties Compton College in home finale

The Warriors were crushed not knowing if this game took them to the playoffs. Second to last game before the season is over for the El Camino Warrior men soccer. Making it a tie game (2-2) between the Compton Tartars. On Nov. 11 at the Murdock Stadium.

“We started off the game well, came out firing knowing how big of a game this was.” Abraham Younis, 19, forward said.

Minutes into the game, Misa Serrano scored to put the Warriors up by a goal. While the Compton Tartars made several attempts in trying to score and keep up. Compton fired back as Cesar Torres, scored a goal, bringing the game to a tie in the first half.

“We started off a little slow but we picked it up,” Cesar Torres, 19, Compton defenseman said.

Trying to find another opportunities to score both teams had a slow and steady tie going into the second half .

Starting the second half El Camino Warriors scored another goal, extending their lead back to one.

“I thought we started off really well, scored early which is good,” EC assistant coach Darin Dunn said.

Compton came right behind El Camino and scored another goal to tie the game.

“The Coaches told us a little stuff at halftime and made us pick it up (and) tied the game up,” Torres said.

The Tartars stayed consistent with the Warriors, and they game ended in a 2-2 tie.

Warriors last game before figuring out if the El Camino makes it to play offs. With a tie game warriors have a slim chance.

“I think its disappointing we needed to win to get into the playoffs,
Hector Gutierrez, EC goalkeeper said.