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Football team comes together to overwhelm Chaffey

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Nine minutes before kickoff, Warrior chants could be heard bellowing from the locker rooms and spilling out on onto the football field.

The Warriors were audibly ready for Chaffey College.

The readiness was proven as the Warriors trounced the Chaffey Panthers in their final home game of the season with a 55-28 win on Saturday, Nov. 4 at Murdock Stadium.

The Warriors came out strong by scoring 21 unchallenged points in the first half.

Eventually, Chaffey managed to score a touchdown and then another touchdown shortly after the second half started. Bringing the score to 21-14 in the first few minutes of the third quarter.

However, that would be the closest the Panthers ever got to catching up to the Warriors.

EC dominated by scoring a total of three consecutive touchdowns, bringing the score to 41-14 before the fourth quarter.

With the Panthers scoring a touchdown in the first few minutes of the fourth quarter, EC responded with two consecutive and complete end zone passes, strengthening the Warriors lead to 55-21.

The game concluded with one final touchdown by Chaffey, bringing the final score to 55-28 with the Warriors taking the victory in their final home game of the season.

While winning produces high sprits and positive energy for all those on the winning team. Being on the losing team, produces quite the opposite.

Chaffey freshmen defensive lineman Ethan Howe thinks that the Panthers biggest mistake was not playing as a team.

“Not coming together,” Howe said. “A lot of plays didn’t go our way”

This is in contrast to the winning team, who felt that they did play as a team. Sophomore running back Torrance Brumfield, who scored three of eight EC touchdowns, would agree.

“I felt like the team, we came together,” Brumfield said. “It was (kind of) hard in the beginning, we had to get it together but, it felt real good, came together”

Still, EC head coach Gifford Lindheim notes some areas where the Warriors can improve.

“There were lapses on defense, we can’t allow big plays,” Lindheim said. “(For the) Offense, make sure we score in red zone.”

As for the last game of the season Coach Lindheim has a very simple objective.

“Play hard and play well,” he said.

Click here to look at tweets that were sent during the game.

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Football team comes together to overwhelm Chaffey