El Camino Warriors lose first home game back on campus


El Camino and Ventura fans bundles up in the stands of Murdock Stadium waiting for the start of the fourth quarter of the ECC home football game Saturday, Sept. 18. The score was 23 El Camino Warriors 44 Ventura Pirates at the fourth quarter. (Armando Rodriguez/ The Union)

Many fans, families, and students came out to El Camino College’s first home game at Featherstone Field in over a year, against Ventura College.

Minutes before the game started, people were waiting in line, clearing themselves at designated health tents and making their way to purchase their tickets.

While having fans back for ECC’s first home game was a welcome sight, football coach Gifford Lindheim remained focused on the game.

“I love having fans, but when the game is being played, I don’t even notice the fans. I’m just competing and trying to get my team in a position to be successful,” Lindheim said.

What could have been a special game for returning ECC football fans turned into frustration as ECC was defeated by Ventura 37-58. The field turned into a flagging nightmare for many ECC players.

Warriors offence regrouping after a interception of their first drive. They come out the meeting and score and then get a fumble reception to take the lead.
Warriors offense regrouping after a interception of their first drive during the first quarter of the ECC home game Saturday, Sept. 18. The team comes out the meeting and scores a touchdown and then gets a fumble reception to take the lead. (Armando Rodriguez/ The Union)

Quarterback Mehki Jordan was called for unsportsmanlike conduct from yelling at referees after completing a run appearing as if he made the first down; however, the ball was placed a yard short, causing the Warriors fourth down.

“[Jordan] was frustrated with us not being successful,” Lindheim said. “He’s a competitor, and we have a lot of confidence in him to get the job done, but you know him, and a bunch of other guys on the team got to clean up the mistakes.”

Boos from the stands would echo throughout the field towards the referee as fans disagreed with the call. At the end of the game, the Warriors would leave the stadium frustrated with how the game was played.

“We just can’t continue to hurt ourselves with mistakes that we are making and expect to beat good football teams,” Lindheim said. “Our schedule is brutal, and I think, if there’s anything, we can play with anybody if we play the right way.”