El Camino women’s volleyball team announces new head coach for 2017 season

In the wake of the retirement of one of the most prolific head coaches in El Camino athletic history, the women’s volleyball team will be headed by a familiar face once fall 2017 comes around.

While the Athletics Division has yet to make the full press release on its website, former El Camino player and assistant head coach Liz Hazell was told she will be the new head coach on Tuesday morning, she said.

“I’ve worked here for a long time, with my goal being to (become) a head coach,” Hazell said. “So it’s (a) super exciting time.”

Hazell played for EC in 2001 and was the conference MVP under now retired head coach Le Valley Pattison and had been an assistant coach since 2008.

Hazell said she wants to continue the long-standing tradition of excellence in the El Camino women’s volleyball program.

She will be doing so with the help of her new assistant head coach Lauren Edwards, according to the El Camino women’s volleyball Facebook page, run by Hazell’s mother Mary.

“I definitely like the system that’s in place,” Hazell said. “It’s had a lot of success, so I will use that as a base and then build on it with my own style as well.”