New El Camino offensive coordinator brings championship pedigree to the football program

On a chilly day in Sacramento, the Narbonne Gauchos from Harbor City were fired up to play their 16th game of a long high school football season.

“Let’s play smart today.”

These were the last words Tim Kaub yelled from the field before taking the stadium steps up to the press box to call the game. Each step he takes, he gets more and more focused on the game plan.

Now firmly in his seat, and a mind racing like the 405 freeway just before traffic begins to back up, he calls down to the field through the head set for an offensive play.

The fans always see the coaches on the field, but if you look up on the home side bleachers you can see the press box. That’s where you will find Narbonne High School football assistant coach Tim Kaub who is currently the offensive coordinator of the El Camino College football team.

The Gauchos had made it to the 2015 California Interscholastic Federation State Football Championship Div 1-A game at Hornets Stadium in Sacramento with a seating capacity of 21,195.

A true coaches high was the wave Kaub was riding last December with two championships in a one-week span. Winning four CIF titles, two Southern California Football Association titles all in the same year.

Narbonne finished as Marine League champions, L.A. City Section championships while adding a So Cal Regional title and State Div 1-A title. The Gauchos were the first L.A. City Section team in over 99 years to win a state championship.

In the end, Narbonne defeated Clayton Valley Charter, 28-14. A far cry from 15 years ago when Kaub was just a volunteer receivers coach at Venice High School.

“I loved how Narbonne showcased my son’s talent,” Sean Riley Sr said.

Kaub said after college he was selling respirators for his grandfather’s company and stopped by the Venice field after work one day. Coach Angelo Gasca told Kaub he could use his help with the receivers.

‘After a few weeks, I realized I needed to make this my full time job,” Kaub said. “I was hooked.”

Meanwhile with 15 years of coaching under his belt, each game still gives him the opportunity to compete. Being able to compete is what drives him while calling a game and offensives plays is a form of mental combat.

El Camino coach Gifford Lindheim first coached with Kaub at Venice during their early years in coaching. Lindheim and Kaub enjoyed success while coaching together at Santa Monica College last season.

Kaub called an undefeated 11-0 season with former Narbonne quarterback Troy Williams under center for SMC. With Kaub’s play calling and Williams’ arm, they finished as the No. 1 offense in the state.

“The pressure of each week having to keep it up,” Kaub said. “It felt like we were doubling down (a bet) each week.”

Lindheim hired Kaub to replace his mentor Gaska at SMC as the offensive coordinator.

“We are like minded in how we approach the game,” Lindheim said. “Very smart and loyal.”

Kaub has helped Narbonne quarterback Jalen Chatman this season as the junior has taking the reigns as a starter.

“Kaub has helped me with the playbook and footwork,” Chatman said.

Kaub said after winning state, it felt good but you don’t really appreciate it yet because you’re in the moment. It takes a lot out of you.

Meanwhile, Narbonne was schedule to drive back that night with the noon start time but after a win like that, they extended the trip one more night in Sacramento to celebrate and rest.

“Driving home the next day was the best eight hours,” Kaub said, “Jokes and enjoying the journey.”

Douglas hired Kaub at low point in his coach career for his smart offensive play calling. The two built this offensive over the years by taking pieces from great programs every spring.

Six CIFCS titles and 1 state title later, it shows that he was a great hire.

“He understands the game and how it should be played,” said Douglas.

Now time to bring a new title to EC to match the new Murdock Stadium.

“With a full offseason, we will be better at getting kids,” Kaub said about El Camino’s football program. “The players make you.”