Warriors record three in victory


Freshman forward Kyrian Nwabueze takes a shot on goal. The Warriors went on to win the game 3-1 against the L.A. Harbor Seahawks last Friday.Photo credit: Amira Petrus.

With the score 2-1 Warrior goalkeeper Christopher Mellone made an outstanding save allowing his team to stay ahead in the game which lead to an eventual Warriors’ victory, 3-1 over Harbor College.

“Chris redeemed himself by saving the penalty he caused,” coach John Britton said.

EC came out energetic by not allowing LA Harbor to play their game and not letting them have control of the game.

“First 15 minutes we pressured Harbor College, they used to playing in turf fields so we used that as an advantage,” freshman forward Kyrian Nwabueze said.

The freshman forward Andy Nunez had been quiet in the previous games but made a statement against LA Harbor.

“This game I felt that I was at the right place at the right time that allowed me too score,” Nunez said.

Returning from a minor injury Nwabueze was able to perform well and scored a goal to.

“I knew I had to get a good first touch in order for me to score the goal,” Nwabueze said.

The Warriors played a well executed game to show how good they can be and their record does not mean anything.

“We knew how important the game was going to be, the team entered the field with high intensity,” midfielder Andredavy Cervantes said.

A very good game played by the midfielder recovery and also sharing the ball to give teamates opportunity to score.

“I knew we, the midfielders had to play good in order for the team to have chance to win because without no middle it would be hard to win,” Angel Lomeli said.

The defense seems to improve every game not allowing many goals and having great communication.

“Defensively we were able to stay compact and connected throughout most of the game which made it hard for LA Harbor to make easy goals,” Cervantes said.

The team really looked good chemistry wise compared to other games. This may be a start of a good playoff run.

“We performed really good, we came out with everything that we had and also every opportunity we had we were able to put it away,” Branddon Cando said.

The Warriors have to keep working hard to be a top team which they are capable of doing.

“We have two games left and are going to take one game at a time,” Lomeli added.