One in the W column

After losing to Cerritos College, the women’s soccer team was able bounce back and win its first game of the year defeating EC Compton Center, 2-0.

Natalie Medina, a defender, scored the first goal in the 28th minute from a penalty kick. Then Kendall Scott, a midfielder, scored in the 72nd minute from the left side of the box giving the Warriors their first win of the season.

“We were putting it together on the field and had more chances with the ball, by passing it more,” said defender Arlene Garcia.

Having great passes helped give more chances for the forwards to get the ball for more scoring opportunities.
“We passed the ball more and kept on moving forward with the team,” midfielder Angelica De La Cruz said.

With making the scoring chances, the whole team gave good results with the passing and offensively made a good impact in the team. Offensively and defensively it has improved a lot more.

” The game change momentum was when, we passed more quicker and quicker from first quarter to the second quarter,” said Leslie Landeros, a defender.

Passes were made, and made those two scoring opportunities into the net, which warriors took the win against tartars.

” Shots were getting better from midfield and the passing was better, and we have been improving more and more,” said Jaymie Baquero, assistant coach.

Warriros have been improving more and more throughout their games, offensively and defensively. With better passing, and more possession of the ball, scoring opportunities have come to them.