Nwabueze doubles up in 4-2 victory

With the score tied 2-2 and the wind blowing against freshman forward Kyrian Nwabueze was able to chip a shot over the goalkeeper giving the Warriors the go-ahead goal in a 4-2 victory.

“I was anticipating a cross from the right side,” Nwabueze said. “In my mind, I knew I had to get to that ball. Luckily, it was a great ball that all I needed to do was tap it in.”

Nineteen minutes into the game the Warriors gave up a goal that gave the Lancers a 1-0 lead.

It wasn’t long before Nwabueze tied the game and gave the team hope.

“I was able to perform well thanks to my teammates giving me great balls,” Nwabueze said.

The team’s intensity carried into the second half as freshman midfielder Branddon Cando gave the warriors the lead.

“I was able to find an opening where the goalkeeper wouldn’t be able to reach the ball,” Cando said.

The game was back and forth as Pasadena City College was able to tie the game.

Nwabueze came to the rescue and gave El Camino the lead late in the game crushing Pasadena’s hopes to win.

“I’m going to keep playing for my team and stay consistent to continue to play well,” Nwabueze said.

Sophomore midfielder Angel Lomeli was able to put his team in a great position by giving his teammates great passes.

“We simply didn’t score the goals to win now our players are getting on the ball more and finally finishing opportunity,” Angel Lomeli said.

The Warriors sealed the deal as sophomore midfielder Jose Monroy was able to score on a free kick with three minutes left in the game.

After some sparce scoring the last few games the team was able to score on given opportunities.

“As usual we had an abundance of chances and scored four off the many chances we created,” coach John Britton. “I hope we can continue to do this for the remainder of the season we thoroughly deserved the victory.”

The defense was solid throughout the whole just just a few unfortunate plays resulted in giving up two goals.

“Our defense played a great game,” but we also have to give it up to our goalie who made a great safe ehich kept us in the lead,” freshman defender Carlos Lopez said.