Warriors coast for first victory


John Ruiz

Daniel Lumbrano(#11), Left Forward, Design Major, Age:19, Daniel jolting quickly to fool and get passed his opponent.

After five consecutive games without a win the men’s soccer team was able to break through for their first victory with a dominate 3-0 shutout over Orange Coast College last Friday.

Recording its first win the of the season the team was pleased with its overall performance.

“Finally we got the win we deserved against a very good team,” coach John Britton said. “The team played really well, (I’m) very pleased with our performance,”

The team was also happy with the passing that lead to eventual goals.

“I think I played well giving two passes for goal,” sophomore midfielder Angel Lomeli said.

The teams’ confidence has always been there and they were finally able to put everything together.

“The high pressure on the other team helped win the ball back for counter attacks,” sophomore midfielder Andredavy Cervantes said.

The team’s chemistry showed and you can see the difference from previous games.

“I think we performed good, touching the ball and all,” freshmen midfielder Branddon Cando said.

Freshman forward Kyrian Nwabueze scored a goal early in the game that gave El Camino the advantage and started to control the game how they wanted.

“After the first goal the team reacted good and kept the pushing and attacking,” sophomore defender William Cando said.

After a slow finish to the first half Nwabueze came out firing and recorded his second goal in the 53rd minute giving the Warriors a 2-0 lead.88a74ec4-916f-4ec3-a7ab-6a7d627ac17e

“When we scored the second goal our confidence boosted and we played more comfortable and easy,” William said. “It was really a one-sided game from the start.”

In the 87th minute freshman forward Manuel Paez put the ball in the back of the net for a 3-0 lead which sealed the deal for the team’s first victory of the season.

The bench was also a big factor in the game giving the starters some rest.

“They do perform well while coming off from the bench,” Branddon said. “They know what they are suppose to do but then again it might be difficult at one point to keep up with the intensity of the game, they do well.”

Even though the team came out with the win there are some improvements to be made.

“We still have some areas we can tighten up also we create a lot of chances but need to convert them,” Britton added.

The team will also work on some of the fundamentals.

“We just need to work on our transition with the ball from the defense to the midfield,” Lomeli said. “As well as midfielders feeding the ball to our forwards to get the goal.”

El Camino will look to use their momentum when they travel to Cypress College today at 3:00 p.m. to face the Chargers.