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Midsemester slump resource roundup

Eduardo Salas | Special to The Union

Whether it’s midterm worries, schoolwork overload, mental health issues or lack of basic resources while El Camino College reaches the halfway mark this fall, many students are feeling the mid-semester slump. 

With 66 calendar days still left in the semester as of the publishing date, The Union encourages students to take advantage of resources on campus to ease some of the academic anxiety.

The American Psychological Association reports 87% of Gen Z college students say educational responsibilities are a significant source of stress. 

Even for returning and non-traditional students, the middle of the semester can bring overwhelming stress.

Located on the second floor of the Schauerman Library, the Tutoring and Learning Labs offer online and in-person tutoring across a spectrum of subjects, from American Sign Language to oceanography and math. 

The tutoring lab works closely with the Reading and Writing Studio in the Communications Building, where the language arts tutors can be found. The studio also offers workshops and conversation practice for ESL students. 

The Tutoring Hub webpage has tutorial schedules and access to online tutoring Zoom meetings posted. 

Library and learning resources technician Charissa Penn said she knows it’s difficult for some students to understand the tutoring schedule and offers to help students in person; her office is located in the library tutoring and learning lab. 

Distance Education Faculty Coordinator Moses Wolfenstein said he recommends online students who may be struggling to use Pronto. Similar to Discord, Pronto is an instant messaging tool that is built into and syncs with individual online Canvas classes. 

Wolfenstein said the underutilized resource is secure and makes online study groups easier. Pronto can also be used to connect online students with their instructors during online office hours as an alternative to phone and Zoom calls.   

Students who are struggling more with their mental health are encouraged to visit the Student Health Center to make use of both in-person and online mental health services. 

Six free visits for short-term mental health psychotherapy are offered in an academic year. Students can call the center or make appointments online.

The center also offers group workshops, off-campus referrals and access to TimelyCare, a 24/7 virtual telehealth program that offers online mental health services at no cost to students. 

TimelyCare offers a talk now service which gives on-demand access to mental health professionals as well as scheduled counseling with licensed professionals. 

If a lack of basic needs is distracting students from their midterm studies, the Basic Needs Center located on the second floor of the Bookstore Building offers the Warrior Pantry and the Warrior Closet. The two centers provide free groceries and free clothing to qualifying students. 

The center also offers transportation help via the U-Pass program and free application help for the Cal-Fresh nutrition assistance program. 

Basic Needs Center Coordinator Sharonda Barksdale said a resource she hopes students use more is the basic needs campus cupboards. While the Warrior Pantry is only available three times a week, the cupboards are available every day on campus offering free snacks.

Students can visit the cupboard inside the Warrior Welcome Center, the Veterans Center, the Tutoring Center, the Black Student Success Center and the Social Justice Center. 

El Camino also offers resources for students worried about transferring, including workshops for UCs and CSUs. 

If finding work after college is a worry, Career Services offers resume and mock interview assistance. It also has internship assistance for organizations as varied as Dreamworks and the FBI, says Career Services Specialist Carla Camacho.

If the slump has got you down, use the free resources offered on campus.

Help is closer than you think.

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