Coping during quarantine

It has been about two months since quarantine has started due to COVID-19. At first, we all thought that it was going to last about a few weeks at most.

However, as it became extended, the mental health and well-being of many people has not been often acknowledged or discussed.

As the days have passed, I began to notice that I started being more aware of what time it was and what things I did every day. I even made lists for why I was doing the things I was doing, like watching TV all day.

Due to quarantine, I started doing activities to distract myself, which have helped me cope during a time like this.

The first activity that I started doing to help myself and my mental health was removing myself from social media.

When I say, “removing myself,” I do not mean completely deleting my Instagram or Twitter. I mean that instead of being on my phone all day and scrolling through the timeline, I started putting away my phone for at least an hour minimum everyday.

Since I started doing so, I was finally able to accomplish what I have been meaning to do, like completely redecorate my room and get rid of all the clothes that I don’t wear anymore.

Usually, I would do this later because school and work were in the way, but since they are not as prevalent as before, it became the perfect opportunity to do so.

Walking my dog has also helped me get away from the computer and TV screen. Besides that, it has also allowed me to remain active during quarantine.

But by taking a walk, whether it be by yourself or with a pet, it can greatly help your mental health by relaxing you.

According to Walking for Health‘s website, “the physical improvements you gain by walking can help to improve your mental health too. If you feel fitter and feel in control of your weight, your body image and confidence can increase – so it’s not just the physical benefits that you’ll notice when you start walking.”

Another way I have been coping with quarantine is catching up on shows, movies and video games that I’ve been wanting to watch or play for a while. Originally, I did not have much time to do these activities due to school and work taking up most of my day.

Now that I have the time to, I finally watched some of the movies that I been wanting to, like “Baby Driver” and “Parasite,” both which I highly recommend. My current go-to video game is “Persona 5 Royal”, which is a lengthy and entertaining game for the PlayStation 4.

While these things may be helpful while staying at home, something that is still missing is friends, and for some, family.

Phone calls or online video calls can be the solution that doesn’t require you to go outside, but still allows you see your loved ones.

It sounds simple, but it’s very effective. Instead of going outside, my friends and I have been having a Zoom call every Friday or Saturday to have a game night.

Playing online games such as “Cards of Humanity” and “UNO,” or even having a watch-party. There are many ways that you could keep in contact with your friends without having to leave your house.

Ultimately, it depends on what works best for someone individually.

But whether it be going for a walk, spending time off of social media, or even having an online movie night with friends, these activities have helped me cope amidst quarantine.


Editor’s Note: Hyperlinked article fixed on October 2, 2022, at 11:35 a.m.