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Athletes are becoming the unexpected new voices in our society

In our society the younger generations can be influenced by anything from their older siblings to their favorite professional athletes. The reality in front of us is that our favorite sports stars are becoming the role models in the lives of many.

In 2017, NBA star Lebron James partnered with Akron Public Schools and a committee of local leaders, educators, parents and experts to design his own public school called “I PROMISE”.

This was a move that people saw coming because of James’ past endeavors with his hometown of Akron, Ohio. Even though he was playing basketball, he used his platform to inspire the younger generation across the world.

James is not the only professional athlete that is using his star status to inspire people.

Former NBA star Kobe Bryant was and still continues to be a symbol for kids all over the world, especially in China.

Bryant’s name is a global entity that reaches throughout the world. Winning five NBA championships while playing for the Los Angeles Lakers can do that for you.

In 2017, he partnered with NBA in China and a Mission Hills school in Hainan, China to set up the country’s first NBA Basketball School.

Serena Williams is not only a world-renowned tennis star, but she is also one of the biggest role models for women. Williams has won many trophies throughout her career and doesn’t lose sight that she is inspiring women all across the world.

“My goal is to inspire every woman out there,” she said in an interview with The Guardian. “My new saying for the past few years has been, the success of one woman should be the inspiration for the next.”

Athletes have a duty to make good decisions and judgements in their career. Everybody is watching them through their social media posts and when they are in public settings.

The younger generation of people that use social media a lot are the ones that “follow” the athlete. They want to eat the same thing they eat, act the same way they act and train the same way they train.

Athletes like Lebron James, Kobe Bryant and Serena Williams are joining that conversation and becoming people the world looks up to. They are placed on a pedestal that we strive to reach.

It is very important that people who play sports have someone they can look up to. They should have someone that they believe in and down the line be able to share the story of how they were inspired by that athlete.

Being able to watch their favorite basketball player, football player or soccer player succeed gives them a sense of hope that they can someday become just as successful in any profession they intend to pursue.

The youth of society watch all types of sports and some are diehard fans of their teams. Fans line up outside of stadiums and arenas to be a part of the story that athletes can tell whenever they look back on their careers.

Superstar players are born in the moment of pressure and with that title comes a bigger calling.

That calling is understanding that they are just not athletes anymore; they are role models to fans and people around the world. Some athletes may shy away from it and others may face it head on but ultimately it is their decision to make.

Being a role model for millions of people throughout the world might be an intimidating thought for athletes but it is a chance for them to realize they have a voice. That voice can be heard from all corners of the world and if used properly can have a positive impact.

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