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Relationships the old-fashioned way

As easy as it is to swipe right on an attractive face on Tinder or to message someone on Facebook you normally wouldn’t approach, relationships are created and developed better in person.

Attempting to meet a potential boyfriend/girlfriend or friendship online comes with loopholes and concerns. Hiding behind a computer or cell phone screen to talk to someone creates a facade and confidence that may give the other person false vibes.

“Half (54%) of online daters have felt that someone else seriously misrepresented themselves in their profile,” according to a dedicated study from

Online, people have more of a chance to get away with a lie than telling it in person. When you talk to someone online or on dating apps, it is easier to type what they want to hear.

That can be a slippery slope, especially since you don’t know if the person could be some psychopath or not until you see them.

With the amount of cases in the news regarding these “psychos” it is hard to trust anything online without concrete evidence.

On the other hand, in person, you can pick up on certain quirks or habits that the other person has in order to make it easier to realize when they are not being truthful or sincere.

Another aspect that you miss when you meet someone online is the vibe that is created between two people. It is much easier to be yourself and show your personality in person.

The way you laugh, cry, smile and frown all mean more when seeing it in person rather than in an iMessage or DM saying “LOL” or “:(“.

Most likely when you’re “LOL”(Laughing out loud), you’re actually staring at your computer or cell phone screen with a straight face.

Meeting online just isn’t as genuine as a personal connecion.

Meeting people through mutual friends or coworkers is also more dependable because having reliable sources to hear from is important.

Someone you know telling you “he or she is a great person I’ve known them for a while,” is better than reading it on their profile.

It’s hard for some to go up to a person and strike up a random conversation but it’s worth it to take the shot.

You’ll get that sense of whether you like them or not quicker, and it’s better than clicking on someone’s interests on Tinder.

Meeting on social media implies that social media will be a huge part of the relationship. Which can often get in the way.

“Turns out the break-up rate is higher among couples who meet online versus couples who meet offline,” according to a article by Stephanie Castillo.

The actuality is that it may be easier to meet people online with the broad spectrum of opportunity, but in the long run, it’s still better to meet people the old-fashioned way.

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