The Flying Tomato soars solo

As far as I know, Shaun White is an ordinary human being that is the furthest thing from perfect, just like everyone else I know.

For people to paint him to be this monster because he is not the idealistic Olympic medalist that America wants him to be, is simply unfair. Yes, he is the guitarist of the band Bad Things, and a fierce competitor to the point of jeopardizing relationships.

I personally believe that Shaun White is not only an inspiring athlete but also a role model for generations to come. He is an Olympic gold medalist, X-games gold medalist and now a lead guitarist of a rock band. I’m sure he will succeed in the music business because he has yet to fail in anything he has done.

Whether Shaun White decides to continue to pursue the gold medals or decides to live his rock dream out, I know he (along with everyone else in a celebratory spotlight) will never completely satisfy the whole world.

However, I do know one thing: no one in this world can say he is not an idolizing figure to look up to. A two time Olympic gold medalist, holds 15 X-Games gold medals, and you can’t forget those 10 ESPY awards he has as well. No one person is limited to any one thing life and White keeps proving that theory correct.