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Student Health Services offer weekly mental health workshops

Mental health workshops designed to help students recognize symptoms and gain effective coping strategies against stress, anxiety and depression are being offered by El Camino College’s Student Health Services.

“Understanding and Coping with Depression and Anxiety” are free weekly workshops led by clinical psychologist Dr. Maria Nazarian.

Meetings run on Mondays from 2 p.m. to 3 p.m. in the Yoga Studio/Gymnasium Room 216.

Seated on chairs, yoga mats and bolsters pushed together to form a circle, the workshop resembles a sacred meditation space.

The vast white space in Gymnasium Room 216 is filled with bright light from the wall-like window that looks over the football field. The open and inviting room creates a safe space where students can feel at ease.

Each workshop kicks off with a mindfulness exercise led by Nazarian. Participants are encouraged to close their eyes, and as Nazarian puts it, “bring awareness to the moment without judgment or criticism.”

This grounding exercise encourages others to take in their surroundings and let off intrusive thoughts.

Next is a student-led open forum moderated by Nazarian.

Students are welcome to voice their thoughts, feelings and concerns in a judgment-free zone to receive advice.

Past topics have included discussions regarding self-care, coping strategies, exercises in undoing intrusive thoughts and harmful behaviors to dealing with stress during spring break.

“We are hoping students gain some coping skills they can use when feeling anxious or depressed,” Nazarian said.

Starting off as virtual sessions in 2020 to help students struggling with the changes brought on by the COVID-19 Pandemic, today, the mental health workshops have moved on to in-person sessions on campus.

Students can drop in or sign up for the mental health workshops that will continue to run through May 22.

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