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Students share their ways of de-stressing

By Oscar Macias

May 8, 2019

With finals week being right around the corner, The Union set out to ask students on ways they de-stress from school work. Abril Medina 19, child development major"I usually like to read books when I start getting stressed out. The genre o...

Let’s make life easier for ride-share drivers

By Devyn Smith

March 27, 2019

Before I got my license, I commuted to El Camino College by using Uber. Talking is one of my pastimes, so I would usually make conversation with the driver. The first topic of conversation was usually about EC, and I noticed th...

A semester apart: my experience being on The Union staff

By Reyna Torres

December 6, 2017

In spring 2017 I decided to take a full-load of classes and I just started a new job.I enrolled in anthropology, math, journalism and joined the school's newspaper The Union as a staff writer. My mentality before entering the sem...

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