Students share their ways of de-stressing

With finals week being right around the corner, The Union set out to ask students on ways they de-stress from school work.

abril 1.jpg

Abril Medina 19, child development major

“I usually like to read books when I start getting stressed out. The genre of the book doesn’t matter though, just whatever I like.”

brian 1.jpg

Emmanuel Cortez, 37, music major

“The guitar and piano are what I usually use to de-stress myself. I don’t really have a favorite, I’ll just play whatever comes to my mind.”

frankie final.jpg

Frankie Murillo, 23, mechanical engineering major

“The gym is my go-to whenever I get stressed. I’ll also play basketball with friends for about an hour at least. It helps me clear my mind and helps me think straight.”

mark final.jpg

Mark Flowers, 26, kinesiology major

“Whenever I get stressed I usually try to go to the gym and work out, even if it’s for a bit. If that doesn’t work out I’ll go and swim at Redondo Beach since I can’t really surf due to my knee injury.”

reyes final.jpg

Erik Reyes, 19, nursing major

“I’ll just listen to music honestly, the genre doesn’t really matter as long as something playing. Either that or I’ll take a walk and play Pokemon Go to distract myself a bit.”