Student government releases election results


A board showing most candidates and their platform sits on the Library Lawn on Wednesday, May 29. The ASO will be responsible for setting the budgets of several clubs and program on campus. Photo credit: Jun Ueda

The results of the Spring 2019 El Camino College student government elections have been announced and were posted outside the Associated Student Organization Executive Office on Friday, May 31.

Business Division Council member Urwa Kainat won her bid for president in the Associated Student Organization (ASO) spring 2019 election after receiving 48% of total votes, according to official documents posted outside the executive office.

Kainat advocated for healthier and religious-conscious eating options, including Halal food, during her presidential campaign.

Although she only ran for ASO President, she also won several other positions as a write-in candidate. The official documents show Kainat receiving the most write-in votes for Director of Public Relations, Director of External Affairs, Director of Human Resources, Senators of Business Division and Senators of Health Sciences & Athletics Division positions.

However, former Judicial Court Justice Mario Lopez said Kainat will have to choose one position with the rest being given to the next person with the highest number of votes on the list.

The Union reached out to Kainat who was not immediately available.

Kainat ran for ASO President against Lopez and former Commissioner of Human Resources Esteban Espino.

Lopez’s campaign revolved around funding more programs including the Extended Opportunity Program, which provides resources for disadvantaged students.

Lopez added he had resigned from his spring Justice position because he felt he outgrew it and wanted to give someone else the opportunity. So he decided on “putting his eggs in the basket,” and running for president.

Lopez received 30% of the votes.

“I still made a promise to the people that voted for me and they want me to represent them,” Lopez said.

Spring Justice Victoria Aguilar was elected to be ASO Vice President, receiving 61% of votes over Commissioner of Public Relations Daniel Villanueva, who received 39%.

The Union attempted to reach Aguilar and Villanueva but they were not immediately available.

According to official ASO documents, there was a tie in several positions, including Senators of Mathematical Sciences Divisions and Senators of Health Sciences and Athletics Division.

Lopez said an interview process will determine the winners of each division.

List of EC student government winners:

Total ballots cast: 405

President: Urwa Kainat.

Vice President: Victoria Aguilar

Director of Finance: Ruben Sagastume

Director of Academic Affairs: Jennifer Lopez

Director of Student Services: Jennifer Lopez

Director of Public Relations: Urwa Kainat

Director of External Affairs: Urwa Kainat

Student Trustee: Lindsey Lee

Director of Human Resources: Urwa Kainat

Senators of Behavioral and Social Sciences Division: Jacqueline Iniguez and Gloria Davila

Senators of Business Division: Bijan Bozorgzad and Urwa Kainat

Senators of Fine Arts Division: Miguel Escobar and Jacqueline Iniguez

Senators of Health Sciences and Athletics Division: Urwa Kainat.

Senators of Humanities Division: Omar Rashad and Fernando Haro

Senators of Industry and Technology Division: Zaid Albawab and Mohammad Pasta

Senators of Mathematical Sciences Divisions: Tie

Senator of Natural Sciences Division: Marissa Hernandez-Gomez and Jacob Danan