Another person added for protection, court hearing moves to a later date, authorities say

The case of the 43-year-old El Camino College student accused of threatening employees at the Special Resource Center was moved to Friday, Oct. 19, at 8:30 a.m., authorities said.

Ernest Cranmer was scheduled to appear at Stanley Mosk Courthouse in Los Angeles on Tuesday, Oct. 2, to face a civil case after allegedly sending emails and voicemails, threatening to bring a gun on campus, according to court documents.

“The case will be continued at the request of the party,” said Kimberly Dotson, Commissioner.

Cranmer was arrested Monday, Sept. 10, after allegedly threatening to bring a gun on campus. No gun was found in the home nor does he have access to any firearm, authorities said.

In a previous interview, Cranmer’s mother, Mayrla Cranmer said that her son does have a disability for which he takes medication for, she added that her son is the victim.

Michael Travis, El Camino College’s Attorney said a separate employee, not included in the Temporary Restraining Order (TRO), wanted to be protected by it as well, prompting the case to be moved due to court rules not allowing the addition of another person.

Cranmer must follow the restrictions set by the TRO, Travis said.

According to the TRO, one of those restrictions is keeping a distance of 100 yards away from El Camino College and the employees listed in the TRO.

Cranmer was not present for his hearing. Cranmer’s lawyer, Joseph Pittera, was also not present.

In Piterra’s place was William Tortu, “a coverage lawyer… for simple cases,” Travis said.

The temporary restraining order Cranmer received, which was effective until Tuesday, Oct. 2, will remain in effect until the day of the hearing.

The Union is currently awaiting confirmation from Trevis regarding a separate court date, Monday, Nov. 12, where Cranmer may be criminally charged.

Travis said the hearing on Friday, Oct. 19, will determine whether or not Cranmer will receive a permanent restraining order, lasting up to three years.