Students showcase their work at the Traces Photography Exhibition


Photography student Yolanda Flowers (left) discussing her photos in a display case with two attendees of the Traces Photography Exhibition on Thursday, April 27. Flowers said one comment she gets about her photos is people asking “How do you get your shots?” (Eddy Cermeno | The Union)

A photography student in an inflatable tyrannosaurus rex costume greeted students and employees entering Schauerman Library, encouraging them to explore the opening reception of the Traces Photography Exhibition.

Raymond Hashimoto was in costume, garnering laughs and smiles from people passing through the exhibit between 4 and 6 p.m. on Thursday, April 27.

Hashimoto is one of many students and alumni from the El Camino College Photography Department who submitted their digital photos for others to see at the exhibit.

As the reception continued, anyone entering the library could think the area was similar to a museum gallery.

People were leaning in to get a closer look at the photos hanging on the wall and in glass display cases, while others were discussing a particular photograph.

Meanwhile, a musical ambiance was set by some students from the Society of Music Club, who were playing woodwind instruments and guitars outside one of the entrances of the library.

Students’ friends and family visited the works and El Camino employees arrived for the opening reception.

The Traces Photography Exhibition was arranged in part by assistant professor of photography Weng-San Sit, who sees this as an opportunity for her students to showcase their digital photos to more people.

“Having students see their works in a case or on the wall will help them feel really encouraged,” Sit said.

Sit had her students arrange the exhibition themselves by having them place the displays of the photos while also asking them to be mindful of certain themes and subjects the images convey.

Digital photos by students in the El Camino College Photography Department on display for the Traces Photography Exhibition in the Schauerman Library, Thursday, April 27. The photos will continue to be on display in the library until Monday, May 8.
Digital photos by students in the Photography Department on display for the Traces Photography Exhibition in the Schauerman Library on Thursday, April 27. The photos will continue to be on display in the library until Monday, May 8. (Eddy Cermeno | The Union)

“I wanted to get the students involved in the preparation of the exhibition by sequencing the photos and deciding what to put next to each other,” Sit said.

Photography student Yolanda Flowers has been a part of the department for two years and said she loves picking up her camera and taking pictures after researching places to go.

“I look up photos and places online so I can go see how I can make that into my own photo,” Flowers said.

Flowers had some photos of buildings she took in a display case. She said a question she keeps getting from people is: “How do you get your shots?”

Flowers said it is helpful to “know certain people and areas” to get into places others wouldn’t think of accessing to take her photos.

Another student discussing their work was Victoria Crudup, who is in her second semester taking photography classes at El Camino.

Crudup also had a display case for her black-and-white photos of individuals with varying poses and facial expressions.

One comment Crudup said she was glad to receive was from someone who said the house in one of the photos “reminded them of their grandma’s house.”

Crudup said she uses her camera as a “tool to capture what people feel” and hopes people feel inspired to “be close with family” after seeing her photos.

Coordinator for dual enrollment Michelle Arthur stopped by the exhibit for the opening reception to see the students’ works.

After walking around, Arthur said she had a takeaway: “How high-level and museum-quality” the photos are.

Arthur also encourages others to take a moment to come and “take a breather while looking at nice photos” on display.

The Traces Photography Exhibition will be on display in the library until May 8. Sit hopes more people will stop by to see the art created by her students.

“Photography is an art form that opens another perspective,” Sit said. “I want people who see the photos to question how they did it and see the world in a different perspective.”

The Tracey Photography Exhibiton is on display in Schauerman Library until May 8.


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