Halloween costumes to be sold at Marsee Auditorium


A sign outside the Marsee Auditorium advertises the upcoming Halloween costume sale, photo taken Saturday, Oct. 15. (Delfino Camacho | The Union)

The El Camino College Center for Arts’ costume shop will be set up in the Marsee Auditorium where the community will be allowed to browse and purchase costumes and accessories on Oct. 19 and 20 between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m.

With Halloween approaching, the Center for the Arts is holding this event to offer some costume ideas and accessories to students and employees in need of a costume.

All of the costumes and accessories on display will be priced between $5 to $10. Many of the available costumes were made by the costume shop while others were obtained through donations.

Those interested in purchasing are encouraged to bring cash because there will not be a card reader available and all purchases will be final.

Screenshot grabbed from the official El Camino College twitter page.
A screenshot from the official El Camino College Twitter page.

Costume shop manager Kim Wilkinson said that the costumes for sale at the event were used in stage productions held on campus.

The costume shop is located in the campus theater building.

A team of tailors are called in to sew costumes for the two theater and two dance productions held every semester.

Wilkinson joked that this has led to the storage room having over a million items and she advises those who may want something to arrive as early as they can to the sale.

“The earlier you get there on Wednesday, the easier it will be that you can get what you want, and staff will help people decide what they may want,” Wilkinson said.