Top 5 Instagram spot around El Camino College


The front of International Ice Cream which makes for a great spot to pose for an Instagram picture. (Photo by Mana Tsumoto/ Warrior Life)

Here are the best “instagramable” spots around El Camino College that make for a great visit and post.

5. Gardena Cinema

Gardena Cinema is a 16-minute walk away from El Camino College. People can take pictures with the entire signboard visible. Changing the camera’s color setting to monochrome makes it look like an old place.

4. Mr. Fries Man

Located in Gardena and a 4-minute drive from El Camino College is Mr. Fries Man. Not only is taking a picture at the entrance great for an instagram post but the food they serve are also good for social media.

3. International Ice Cream

This spot is located at Redondo beach and a 19-minute drive from El Camino College. The pink paint and signboard are very attractive. The sun is strong, so taking a picture with sunglasses and ice cream makes for a great post.

2. Bowlero Torrance

Located in Torrance and a 12-minute drive from El Camino College. Besides bowling, there are bars and amusement arcades. It becomes more fashionable at night.

1. La Villa Mexican Food

Located in Gardena and a 10-minute walk from El Camino College. This restaurant is where all the local people go. The big Onion rings are especially delicious and you can take a picture with the great atmosphere.