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El Camino women’s tennis falls to Cypress College

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The El Camino women’s tennis team came up short, falling to visiting Cypress College 6-3 on Wednesday.

In singles action, sophomore Violet Simpson defeated Andrea Velasco 6-3, 6-1.

Freshman Stephanie Kingham tough play was not enough as she fell to Tiana Kung, -3, 6-1.

“We had a team of four and six people play singles, so we lost a lot of points the first round,” Kingham said. “Overall, the team lost two out of three singles and had one point given to the team because they were short one person.”

Although, the team fell short of a few players they make sure to give every match their best shot and aim for a win.

“We don’t have enough players, and it forces other players to be pushed up and play against higher positions,” Sandy Mejia said.

Sophomore Natsuki Hoshiko lost to Alyanna Soriano, 6-2, 6-1.

“I think I could have done better if I did a top spin,” Hoshiko said. “I could have probably beat her but her forehand was pretty tough.”

In doubles action, Simpson and Kingham won their match, 8-5.

“Simpson (top player) is very energetic and outgoing, she gets us to cheer for each other,” Mejia said.

As every team member got the chance to rest before their next match, there was always something they wish they could have done better during the match.

Assistant coach Darin Dunn made sure his players were trying their best during the match, but believed the timing of the game played a big factor in their performance.

“I think they played alright,” Dunn said. “I knew they would be tired from Tuesday’s match. They were a little more fatigued.”

Dunn said some players stood out a little more than the rest but with more time and practice they cold improve their technique for future games.

“Violet played great, pretty good score,” Dunn said. “Steph, and Natsu could have played better, but the fatigue got to them.”

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El Camino women’s tennis falls to Cypress College