El Camino beach volleyball team opens season with home-win vs. Cypress College


Sophmore Victoria Curtice spikes the ball during one of the game against Cypress College. The game took place at the sand volleyball courts on campus on Wednesday Feb. 15.

Early-season jitters didn’t seem to bog down the El Camino beach volleyball team as the Warriors routed the visiting Cypress Chargers 5-0 on Wednesday.

“We started a little slow,” sophomore Michelle Shimamoto said. “I had a little adrenaline pumping, but I had to keep calm for the match. We tried to keep the ball in, stay consistent and get points.”

El Camino will take on Fullerton College and Golden West College next Friday, Feb. 24 at noon.

Match score vs. Cypress College Chargers:

  • No. 1 pair of Taylor Brydon and Brooklyn Rubio win 21-12 and 21-15.
  • No. 2 pair of Micah Hammond and Michelle Shimamoto win 21-12 and 21-12.
  • No. 3 pair of Victoria Curtice and Megan Lim win 21-16, 21-23 and 15-8.
  • No. 4 pair of Aiko Waters and Kiana Takahashi win 21-15 and 21-8
  • No. 5 pair of Nina Wyer and Cassie Montani finish the sweep with a 21-15 and 21-16 win.