Women’s Water polo steers to victory


The Warriors women’s water polo team soared their way to victory on Wednesday, Oct. 2, as they defeated both Rio Hondo College in overtime, and East Los Angeles College (5-4).

El Camino managed to swim past defenders, and gave their opposition a run for thier money. “We definitely out-swam the other teams, giving us more opportunities to score on offense,” said teammate Lynsey Alabab.

Head Coach Corey Stanbury was pleased with his teams performance, with the majority of players recording one goal on offense. “We had nine different girls score over the course of the two games,” Stanbury said.During the games, Stanbury was determined to see that his girls won. “It was two very hard-fought games, especially during the second period when we scored in the Rio Hondo game,” Stanbury said.

Alexis Ivans steered her way towards defenders making six goals during the double-header, also both Lauren Gottschalk and Nicole Clarke recorded five goals each.

Goalie Cambria Serrano led defensively with 15 saves, making things difficult for other teams to score. Serrano now has 79 total saves for the season, and is pleased with how the offense does their part in scoring.

“We could have played better, and won with better scores,” Serrano said. “Although we did play great defense, by blocking the ball and recording many steals, we need to work on fixing our small errors.”

Once this is mastered, Serrano feels her team will improve drastically during the rest of the season.db5e39a2-f6ec-4efd-a81d-905bba16451d

Also on defense, Ivans led the Warriors with six steals. The Warriors showed great chemistry with one another giving each other valuable chances to score. Clarke recorded three assists, along with Gottschalk, Alabab, and Evelyn Siguenza assisting two times each.

Alabab felt that her team could have scored more points. “There were a few bad choices we made out there, but we are growing much better as a team,” Alabab said. “We forced ourselves to play more defense than we wanted to.”Moving forward into the Warriors season, the girls feel there is still more room for improvement.

“As a goalie, I need to work more on my lob shots,” Serrano said. “Our team will be working on passing and driving for offense and defense,” Alabab said.

The Warriors are currently (3-4) in the season. Their next game will be held at home against Long Beach City College, Oct. 9, set for 3 p.m.