Unlucky bounce gives Warriors first loss


Charles Ryder

Derrick Hamilton, #17, Forward, running down the field trying to get a goal.

By Emmanuel Ramirez

Derrick Hamilton, #17, Forward, running down the field trying to get a goal.


With only 10 minutes left in the game, the Warriors lined up to defend a corner kick.

After an unlucky deflection, Golden West was left with a wide-open shot. The goalkeeper had no chance of blocking the shot which lead to the go-ahead goal and eventual 1-0 victory.

Golden West capitalized on the opportunity leading to the Warriors’ first loss of the season.

“We played good soccer and controlled most of the possession during the game,” coach John Britton said.

El Camino was in control most of the game, but the unlucky bounce changed everything.

“We created a lot of chances but couldn’t take advantage of them,” Britton said.

The team had a lot of chances to score, but were unable to capitalize on the opportunities.

“The team played good overall but, the little errors messed us up,” midfielder Angel Lomeli said.

The team was dissappointed with its missed opportunities and will look to capitalize when coring opportunities come up.

“We could of beat them,” defender William Cando said. “The chances we got we didn’t finish them and the one they got they put it away, it’s soccer.”

Freshman Kyrian Nwabueze played an outstanding game, but it wasn’t enough to give his team the win.

The team will look to improve in its upcoming game when it travels to Santa Monica College tomorrow and the game starts at 3 p.m.

“We need to work on our finishing touches and more crosses from the wing,” Britton said.

The team will also look to get in the win column. So far the team has lost one game and has tied two teams.

The Warriors are second in the South Coast Conference in goals scored and the team hopes that this will translate into wins going further into the season.