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Warriors’ fall 2-0 after loss to Alan Hancock College

The Warriors couldn’t find that cohesive connection to put together a productive game Saturday against Alan Hancock College.

Jesse Scroggins, quarterback, struggled to find that continuity with his receivers, going 10 for 33 passing and rushing for 32 yards on 12 attempts.

“I know in week one Jesse (Scroggins) kind of struggled a little with his timing and it kind of carried over to the game,” Royshaun Lewis, free-safety, said.

He had a solid week of practice with his timing and connection with the receivers, Lewis added.

“I guess seeing a new team and going against a team’s defense besides ours, his timing was off with him and the receivers,”  Lewis said.

Scroggins ran for a 21-yard touchdown in the first quarter, which was the Warriors only led of the game at 7-6.

“We came into the game knowing that it was a big game, knowing that it was a must-win game,” Lewis said.

It seemed like we have started off a little slow, and then the team started to pick it up in the end of start of the first quarter Lewis added.

“As far as the first and second quarter, I felt like the offense started off pretty good, but as the game went on we had bad communication and everything just went downhill from there,” Lewis said.

Luckner Brady, wide receiver, had one catch that went for 23 yards and Derrick Macon had three catches for 39 yards.

“We played a better second half so that is something positive, offensively, we started getting things moving but it was too late,” EricCapacchione, team captain, fullback and tight end, said..

“We were pumped up, it was a long trip, but we thought we were ready but we didn’t come up with the plays,” Capacchione said.

The defense could not contain Alan Hancock’s Cameron Payne, running back, giving up 232-yards rushing yards and three touchdowns on 22 carries.

The Warriors’ defense also could not get in the backfield to create pressure resulting in no sacks and no tackles for loss.

“The fact that we never started two quarterbacks before that’s the most painful thing, we need to get that win to get back on track,” Cappachione added.

The Warriors could not move the ball down the field due to struggles on third down, going just three for 15 on third downs.

The Warriors will look to regroup and get its first win against Pasadena City College on Saturday.

“We are looking forward to getting our first win really, by working hard, coming together as a team, hoping to do very well against Pasadena College because we need to prove ourselves,”  Capacchione said.

“We are going to get it done on Saturday,” he said.

If the team goes out in the field, handle their business and focus, the team will do good, Antoine Anderson, wide receiver, said.

“We started out real slow, we just need to tighten up, we were out of focus defense and offense,” Anderson said

In the second half the team played better but it was too late, Anderson added.

“We’re going to focus and tighten around the edges and work more with our quarterback, we were out of sync with him and do all the little things to help us win,” Anderson said..

Last Saturday’s game the team struggled a lot with pass and plays, the defense had missed tackles and long coverages, Kelvin McCoy, left guard, said.

This week the Warriors are preparing and practicing harder, McCoy added.

“We need to come out with a bigger tempo; defense and offense picking it up have every assignment on point, wide receivers and quarterbacks working out after practice,” McCoy said.

Running backs going over blocking assignments, he said.

“Coaches going through preparations for us, I can see a big difference from this week compared to last week,” McCoy said.

The intensity has picked up this week and the team is not taking any games lightly anymore, McCoy added.

“We have to play at 100 percent, during every play, blocking has to be perfect as well as tackling and defense positioning, it all has to be perfect,” he said.

The team was out in the EC stadium perfecting all of our mistakes,  McCoy said.

“We are young, we just have to click on the offense and defense side,” Auston Johnson, linebacker, said..

In the game against Alan Hancock College the offense was better, Johnson said.

“We had a little team meeting, things are more together,” he said..

In the meeting the team talked about people doing their jobs and not worrying about what the other team is doing just to focus on their position, Johnson said.

“The team’s strategy is more clear and more together now,” Johnson added.

The next game is Saturday agaisnt Pasadena City College at 6 p.m.


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