Warriors can't overcome Fullerton

With a huge home crowd on their side, and the all the momentum, the Fullerton College Hornets beat the Warriors 3-1 with scores of 25-16, 20-25, 25-19, and 27-19.

“We didn’t look ready to play, and the thing is it didn’t look like that in warm ups. When we got on the court, we just made silly mistakes and we let them in the game,” Coach LeValley Pattison said.

The Hornets have some size but Pattison said we have size too and we didn’t play like we had it.

“As a team we didn’t pass well, we need to work on our passing as a team because no one is passing consistently,” Pattison said.

The Warriors will play Friday at Harbor College for their first conference game of the season.

“We will be doing a lot of passing, a lot of down ball defense, a lot of regular defense, and just seeing some different people on the court. We need blocking, passing and offensive generated,” Pattison said.

The first game didn’t look so good for the Warriors as they got started off being down 17-9. With the play of middle blocker Lauren and outside hitter Kaitlyn Edwards they did make it interesting but ended up losing the game 25-19.

The second game is when the Warriors looked strong, and weren’t going to lose. They came out stronger, and played more efficiently with strong play from middle blocker Tulia Barnes, Libero Zoe Pantera and Kaitlln Edwards in the end winning the game 25-20.

“We started to settle down a little bit. We played our game, playing volleyball at least,” Kaitlyn Edwards said.

Game three looked promising for the warriors as they lead at one point 11-6. Outside hitter Katie Childs and setter Sarah McFadden looked aggressive throughout the whole night hitting balls with tons of energy but the in the end the Hornets rallied back to win 25-19.

“I like to be aggressive. I’ve been playing long enough that I just hit as hard as I want. Even though we didn’t win, I’m still going to be aggressive,” Childs said.

Game four at first looked bad for the Warriors but it looked promising going forward as they tied it up 14-14. Barnes was pumping and rallying the team to try and win. The rest of the game was back and forth but the Hornets home crowd was on their side and Hornets end up with the win at 27-25.

“We don’t like to lose at all, period. When were down we have to want to fight back or else we are going to lose,” Barnes said.

Lauren Edward had eight digs and three blocks with 10 kills, Kaitlyn Edwards had 12 kills, and eight digs, Barnes had seven kills and three digs, McFadden had a team high 17 digs and Childs had 15 kills with eight digs.