Campus Viewpoints: Distance Education

As California adapts to new COVID-19 changes, the most widely discussed topic among students is the uncertainty of virtual learning.

It’s been roughly six months since the stay-at-home order began and classes continue to be online.

El Camino College students share their thoughts on taking distance education courses.

Kia Toney, 34, child development major

“It’s great, don’t get me wrong, but I wish it could have been at El Camino College because I have more resources there, then they do on-line; they have online tutoring, that’s great, but I rather do it in person.”

Allison Pickard, 18, business major

“The teachers are very supportive and always there to help, but I don’t like how we just can’t connect with other peers, that’s the downside of it. I am actually in water polo, so we don’t get to practice either, we just have assignments online, which is kind of weird.”

Adam Wong, 17, chemistry major

“I do prefer to have classes and lectures recorded, you can just go back and listen; I think stem courses are harder to learn. Right now, I am taking a chemistry class and it is really hard to grasp the material without being in class.”

Brenda Osorio, 19, music major

“It’s good in a way, because it’s better than not having any classes. The downside for me, at least, is not being able to perform for an audience. I am always performing for myself.”

Ash Khulman, 19, pre-engineer major

“I think it’s really hard for lab classes. Chemistry class is usually lecture, and half is lab technique and since you don’t get to do the lab technique I feel the education is very limited, but other than that distance education is nice because I can do learning whenever.”