Campus Viewpoints: Binge-worthy shows and podcasts to stream in quarantine

The Union asked El Camino College students what they were steaming to bust-boredom during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Along with keeping students occupied, streaming media has also helped some students have a laugh or feel like they are not alone while being physically isolated.

Taylor Obitz, 20, business major

“I recently started watching ‘NCIS: New Orleans.’ The main thing that caught my attention was the way that they solve the cases as well as the synergy the team has.”

Aaron Bullo, 19, undecided major

“I’m currently on the third season of ‘Brooklyn 99.’ The show is always able to make me laugh whenever I’m watching it.”

Sierra Richards, 21, undecided major

“I’ve been watching ‘On My Block,’ on Netflix recently. At first I didn’t think that it would catch my interest, but now I highly recommend the show.”

Carlos Recindes, 22, undecided major

“I have been listening to this one podcast called ‘The Genius Brain Podcast,’ with this guy named David So. I mean it might not be for everyone but I really like it. The main reason why I like the podcast is because it feels like you’re just talking with friends and having a conversation.”

Jose Gonzalez, 24, computer science major

“I’ve been watching ‘How I Met Your Mother,’ recently because a friend of mine had recommended it to me, and honestly I’m pretty hooked on it. Right now I’m on the second season.”