Campus Viewpoints: What are you hoping for this election cycle?

With the recent presidential primary election results, The Union asked El Camino College students on campus about the changes they hope to see in the country.

Miguel Gonsalez, 21, Anthropology

“Unity. It sounds cliché, but we are too divided. Hopefully whoever is elected will bring us closer and we can figure out our differences. More representation for access to college, to create that path for low income communities to go to college.”

Erei Reyes, 21, Undecided

“Better diplomatic leadership, because I don’t think our current president does a very good job at that. Better school policies and tax policies.”

Juan Mendoza, 21, Film

“More resources for the homeless, especially those under 25 and those in college. Education shouldn’t be free, but some school debt should be forgiven, especially for community college students transferring to 4-year colleges. Low income communities need more representation.”

Saeed Al Sheyab, 20, Kinesiology

“More rights for undocumented people. They should make the process of getting a green card and being documented easier. Better healthcare. Cheaper education. College should be the same price for local and international students.”