How does YouTube impact your life?

The Union recently asked students about their time spent watching videos on YouTube, as well as the type of videos and content creators they enjoy watching on the video sharing platform.


Adrian Pool, 18, nursing major

“[I spend] a little too much time [on YouTube], like eight hours a day.” Pool said. “I like watching lifestyle videos and vlogs (video blogs).”


Jayla Smith, 19, nursing major

“I watch YouTube every other day. I watch a lot of music videos and [a channel called] Queen and Clarence.” Smith said.


Mya Mitchell, 19, nursing major

“I mainly use YouTube for personal use and [sometimes] class use.” Mitchell said. “I like watching [a channel called] De’arra and Ken [4 Life] and Queen Naija.”


Mariah Mitchell, 19, nursing major

“I only watch who I’m subscribed to and whoever has been uploading [videos].” Mitchell said. “I watch hair [styling] videos and mukbangs [because] I like seeing when people eat.”