Campus Viewpoints: What is your favorite upcoming holiday?

The Union recently asked students and staff which holiday they were looking forward to most and why.

Khalida Jamilah/ The Union

Annette Weisse, 47, journalism major

“I like spring break because usually if it was cold it’s not cold anymore and it’s not hot yet. It’s nine days if you count the weekend so you can leave town or you can stay home but you have nine days of rest,” Weisse said. “Last spring break, I went on a five day hiking trip with my family, backpacking and cross country to Catalina Island. I walked 53 miles in five days with a 30 pound backpack. We did something different everyday. One day it was hiking, one day we went to [an] amusement park, [and] one day [we] visited relatives. [We] just make sure we did something everyday.”

Khalida Jamilah/ The Union

Wendy Sandoval, 18, art and photography major

“My birthday because my mom took [off from work] so I can spend time with her. I think I’m we gonna eat out or have a BBQ. We made [tacos] and sometimes we get ice cream cake,” said Sandoval.

Khalida Jamilah/ The Union

Clay Atkinson, 20, studio art major

“I’m excited about Labor Day because I got [the] day off,” Atkinson said. “I’ll just enjoy the day off and probably do homework.”

Khalida Jamilah/ The Union

Giancarlo Fernandez, 20, political science major

“I think everybody likes Christmas. My family usually has a giant potluck and everyone brings gifts,” Fernandez said. “We also play a game called white elephant where everyone gets a number, everyone brings a gift and they fight for that gift. My favorite foods during Christmas are pozole and tamales.”

Khalida Jamilah/ The Union

Fia Misipeka, 54, instructional services

“I’m excited about Labor Day because I can have some spare time. I like going to the beach,” Misipeka said. “I’ll be celebrating my eleventh anniversary. We will go to San Diego. In my family, everyone is getting older and I miss those moments when we get together. We try to get together for Thanksgiving.”



Update: Sept. 11, 2019 5:51 p.m. Byline was edited for accuracy.