Campus Viewpoints: Favorite Song

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Music can be used as an outlet for many people. It can be used as a stress reliever, a mood booster, or even something to keep people company when they’re ‘Workin’ Day and Night’, so The Union staff asked students what their favorite song is and why?

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Logan Tahlier/ The Union

Lionel Tablin, 27, dance major

“My favorite song is ‘Jam’ by Michael Jackson because you can dance with it and there is like no message to it, just dancing,” Tablin said.

Devin Jay Pao

Logan Tahlier/ The Union Photo credit: Logan Tahlier

Devin Jay Pao, 26, dance and theatre major

“To be honest I don’t have favorite songs because I like all the songs because all the songs have good energy and have a certain message they portray. When I feel music I want to make a story out of it and dance to it,” Pao said.

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Logan Tahlier/ The Union

Kenan Crawford, 26, dance and photography major

“My favorite song is, I have a lot, but if I have to say one [it’s] ‘PYT’ by Michael Jackson,” Crawford said.


Logan Tahlier/ The Union

Nora Viola, 19, architecture major

“‘Nowhere Man’ by the Beatles because it reminds me of the times my dad and I shared and the memories,” Viola said.


Logan Tahlier/ The Union

Edwin Riviera, 19, architecture major

“‘You’ll Never Know’ by Ariana Grande because it makes me feel certain things and moves me emotionally about past relationships in high school,” Riviera said.


Logan Tahlier/ The Union

Reed Munro, 19, communications studies major

“‘Love’ by Kendrick Lamar because I like how it sounds and how it pumps me up before sports,” Munro said.

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